Monday, October 11, 2004

Change of Venue

The gears now shift from family weekend to business. I can say this about most airport hotels—aside from ones in places like Hong Kong, by and large they stink. This one sure does. An older Sheraton that sure is weatherbeaten. They charged me $10 for a refrigerator to use for my diabetic supplies, and that is rather bogus.

Time to kill today with an early flight tomorrow with three nights in LA. Luckily, there’s a baseball game on in a few hours. Also, I can watch the planes land, but am not sure I can handle so much excitement!

Columbus Day

Family weekend is ending. It’s Columbus Day and we make our way from Napa to SFO with a full car. We’ll pass by our old “stomping grounds” (ugh, I hate that expression, almost as much as happy camper) but won’t have time to get off of 101 to explore. That’s actually a good thing.

My family will head home and I will head to LA for work-related activities. A many-months project is coming to fruition in LA this week and I’ll be part of the action. I get to see Mike and my boss, two people who I look forward to sharing some time with for a few days—a rare treat.

Am looking forward to flying home Thursday, but certainly am excited about the upcoming work stuff.

I do have to remember to post a picture of Mike’s dog, Bingo. Very sweet dog; my wife and daughter would be in love!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Light Damage

We had a $20 Jockey Outlet rebate burning a hole in our pockets, so a trip here was imperative. We did some light damage to the pocketbook. Fairly standard outlets, similar to those in Anthen, Arizona. Nothing like Gilroy (Calif.) or Cabazon (Calif.).

Napa Premium Outlets

Workout Facilities

The one here at the Marriott in Napa is really great. Bikes, stairclimbers, elliptical trainers, etc... TVs by the equipment. The crowd is a little snotty, but, heck, we lived a half hour south of here so we're used to it.

Best exercise room of the year was the one at the Westin in Cincinnati; there are actually TV monitors IN the equipment. Lucky me, I am going back to the Queen City in November.

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