Saturday, August 21, 2004

Who Knew Discovery Network Had Wings?

I think I’ve posted before about a show on A&E called “Airport.” Well, there’s one I like better on one of the Discovery Channel networks—Discovery Wings—called “Airport.” It follows people around London’s Heathrow Airport. Well, more it followers some airport employees around as they deal with odd situations such as a family who came to the UK on Gulf Air without any passports or visa. And then there was an issue with the Chinese flag that needed to be resolved before the president of China made his first visit to the UK in 50 years.

It’s not as lively as its A&E counterpart, but it’s far more compelling with far fewer drunken passengers on their way to Phoenix.

Travelin' Man

Over the next week, I have two trips, one to Cincinnati and the other to the Bay Area. One for work, one for fun. Fun means baseball.

It will be my first trip to Cincinnati, and like my one and only trip to St. Louis, it will be a blur. I hope to bring my camera to add to my blog and hopefully grab a Reds t-shirt as a keepsake.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Blogging In Brazil

My media question of the day is to figure out why blogging is so big in Brazil (Brasil). Without hardcore data, I see every other blog that comes my way written in Brazilian Portuguese. I’ve been to Brazil three times (once for business) and have been just about everywhere in the country. Still, I am puzzled.

An old story from Wired offers an explanation: Globo, the biggest media company in the country, hosts a big blogging site. That’s part of an answer—I want to know more.

Everything Is A Seinfeld Reference

In the Seinfled episode about “Festivus” (the holiday for the rest of us), Elaine wrote her number down for some guy in a denim packet she met at a party. She gave him a fake number. He later saw Elaine and her makeup was all smeared from being in a steam pipe explosion at the local H&H Bagel. Denim jacket then gave her a fake number. They both could have used this service.

The Other Half

The other half of those polled think WMD is a new, low-carb beer.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Information Overload

I have to admit, even as a mondo info junkie, that too much info can be harmful if not just outright nasty. Case in point: Did I need to know Ozzie Guillen passed a kidney stone?

Bye Bye Larry

If the Phillies lose today (and they are well on their way) it will be the end for manager Larry Bowa.

Yahoo! Blogs

The day before Google goes public, Yahoo! launched a blog. Hopefully, the company will do a better job than Real did in its blog.


Congrats to those who are making big dollars off of Google today. Lots of BMW dealers are happy, especially those in and around Mountain View, California. As for me, I am not allowed to own Google shares as they are a client of my company. I do like talking to reporters about Google; here's a quote from me in today's USA Today.

For the record, I did not celebrate much the day the company I used to work for (NTRT) went public. It is a numbing moment. I came home early from work that day and had a nice gift of a Malcolm Thorpe piece of art waiting. Nope, I did not buy a BMW.

The Brave CEO Takes To The Road

I hope he stayed in a better place than I did on my recent trip to Disney World.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Singing Simpoys

And here I thought they were talking about Patty and Selma; but, come to think of it, they are not Simpsons (Simpsoy is a reference to a funny typo on a letter addressed to Homer) but rather Bouviers.

NBA Rookie Star/Beverage Expert

Signs the apocalypse is on the way...

Beats Sending Letters Back Home

In case anyone doubts the power of what we call horizontal bandwidth--that is high speed access outside the home--check out this tidbit.

Me (Hopefully) Goes To Washington

In case you breezed by my posting of last Sunday night, I was and am serious: I do hope to run for the US House of Representatives, Arizona, District 5. I am figuring on beginning the process now with the goal of entering the 2010 primary election. My daughter will be entering college and it will allow us the freedom to move about as needed for the job.

I am really not kidding about this. I always have been a political person, but have worked in the media extensively for more than two decades, so it’s been difficult to be active politically. I consider myself a fair person, a good analyst and have a good understanding of a wide cross-section of issues. I am pragmatic about things and have a lot of experience addressing large and small groups of people about a number of important topics.

Plus, last night, I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

More to come…

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

"I Am Sitting In The Morning At The Diner On The Corner"

I am a member of the cult of “Tom’s Diner.” I cannot explain it, but there’s something about the song by Suzanne Vega that captures my imagination. Maybe it’s the haunting lyrics or the juxtaposition of the melody to the background riff taken from Al Green’s “I’m So Tired (Of Being Alone).” Maybe it’s just all of these factors combined that leads to great a song that I really like and never tire of.

I own this strange CD called “Tom’s Album” which features a number of artists’ take or rendition of the song. Really. There’s a reggae version, a German version and one called “Jeannie’s Diner” which combines the melody and lyrics of “I Dream of Jeannie” to “Tom’s Diner.” It’s actually cool.

So add this to the equation: Tom’s Diner—the real one—is the diner in “Seinfeld” that is called Monk’s in the show. It’s somewhere on the Upper East Side (or maybe the Upper West Side) of New York. In a scene toward the end of “Little Nicky,” bunches of people are chasing Nicky (Adam Sandler) past Tom’s Diner. In this case, it’s the real one.

Oct. 5th Is Around The Corner

Arizona Fall League is amazing. In some ways, better than Spring Training.

Top %2703 draftees to play in Fall League

Can't You Just Hear The 76ers GM Moan?

The News-Times%3A Iverson Has Broken Thumb%2C but Will Play

Monday, August 16, 2004

Great American Poke-Off

In late May, my insurance company sent me a new blood glucose monitor. It was supposed to be better than the one I have and have been using for many years. I said, what the heck.

Once uncrated, I found the new monitor to be unwieldy and requiring monster-sized test strips (you poke yourself, draw blood and then apply the blood to a test strip). I use my monitor in some difficult places (restaurants, airplanes, etc..) so I need it to be small and efficient.

So, we complained to the insurance company and they sent me test strips for my old one. In the interest of science, I just had the Great American Pokeoff—I tested blood on both machines at the same time (well, within a few seconds). Machine one, the old one, read 150; machine two, the new one, read 138. A discrepancy in the 10 percent range actually sucks. But then again, so does being diabetic.

Call Me Old School

So, I am spinning the dial at lunchtime, and I come across a video on BET for “I Like Dat” by Houston (with Chingy, Nate-Dogg and some other hangers-on). I actually heard the song at the Movie Theater a month or so ago when they play some piped-in network before the show starts. I liked the song then, I still like it and have it up there as my No. 2 rap song after “Up ‘N Da Club” by Second II None (not to be confused with a song that has a smiliar name by 50 Cent). “Up at Da Club” is featured in an episode of “Sopranos” (Full Leather Jacket) when Furio comes to collect money from Shawn and Matt (the two guys who later try to kill Chris).

Anyway, I digress.

Here’s my question: Almost 20 years ago, when my wife and traversed through Mexico and South America, we’d stumble upon some licensed sports apparel that had the wrong team colors. The Yankees stuff would be red, Philadelphia Eagles in yellow, and so on. It clearly was illegally made product that was dumped in third-world markets where no one cared about authenticity.

Most rap-wear features licensed sports apparel with strange takes on official team colors. They have to be authorized, since they are so prominently featured, but who ever imagined a brown LA Dodgers hat? I mean I have seen blue Phillies gear and all sorts of strange permutations. Only the Silver & Black Raiders gear is untouched by this color crazy scheme.

Call me old school, but the Dodgers are blue, the Yankees are black and the Eagles are green.

The Reason This Does Not Matter

No one, aside from those who have family members in The Games, is watching The Olympics.

Mazda brings new ads to the Olympics, annoying or awareness builders? - Autoblog - www.autoblog.com

Middle School: Day One

Day one of Middle School begins. My daughter is just out the door for the bus to take her on a new adventure.

I believe, in my heart, she is up to the challenge. The bigger question remains, am I?

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Vote For Me

So there I was, sitting in Paradise Valley Mall tonight when it hit me: I want to run for Congress in 2010 as a Democrat from the 5th District in Arizona. It just seems right.

More later…

Awesome PR Move

Wi-Fi Networking News: Humanitarian Wi-Fi from T-Mobile

Why The Olympics Are Worthless

Stands are empty. TV sets are turned off. No one cares.

Yahoo! Sports - Olympics, Judo - Olympics Hit by Crisis Over Iran-Israel Contest

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