Monday, December 13, 2004

White Kids and Rap

Here’s something that has me stumped—what is it about rap and hip hop that appeals to White suburban, middle-class kids? My daughter and her friends are transfixed on having all sorts of hip hop and rap songs played at the their religious-based social events no matter what subject matter is discussed in the songs.

At first, I thought that perhaps these kids might be hooked into the social statements made by these artists—the plight of underprivileged (and oversexed) urban youth that are perennially hassled by the law. Maybe it’s like the protest songs of the ‘60s that resonated with young people of all strata—from “Blowin in the Wind” to “Feel like I’m Fixin’ To Die Rag.” I don’t think so—these kids who like hip hop generally are so vapid that the social context of Snoop Dog and others is lost on their one-track minds (well, more than one track, but those tracks intersect in the areas of fashion, Lindsay Lohan and rolling their eyes at their parents).

Hmmm.. I think I’m zeroing in on something here. Kids like my daughter like rap and hip hop because their parents hate it. Well, my daughter is the exception, because I like most of it, and (I think) I understand the social relevance. The vast majority believes the shock appeal of rappers talking about drugs, killin’ the cops and grabbing some booty will upset their parents to the point of dismay (thus making the kids happy). I guess, in my day, I recall my mother taking my 8-track of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” (as if either my mother or I knew what picking up a couple of keys meant) and tossing it in the garbage.

Word up.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Programming Alert

In case you think I have abandoned blogging, I have moved my blog to two new sites:

This one is a continuation of the concept began here.

This one is about my project to create a home-based TV network. Also here, you will find a media player which I can program with my favorite songs--just push play and enjoy!


Monday, October 11, 2004

Change of Venue

The gears now shift from family weekend to business. I can say this about most airport hotels—aside from ones in places like Hong Kong, by and large they stink. This one sure does. An older Sheraton that sure is weatherbeaten. They charged me $10 for a refrigerator to use for my diabetic supplies, and that is rather bogus.

Time to kill today with an early flight tomorrow with three nights in LA. Luckily, there’s a baseball game on in a few hours. Also, I can watch the planes land, but am not sure I can handle so much excitement!

Columbus Day

Family weekend is ending. It’s Columbus Day and we make our way from Napa to SFO with a full car. We’ll pass by our old “stomping grounds” (ugh, I hate that expression, almost as much as happy camper) but won’t have time to get off of 101 to explore. That’s actually a good thing.

My family will head home and I will head to LA for work-related activities. A many-months project is coming to fruition in LA this week and I’ll be part of the action. I get to see Mike and my boss, two people who I look forward to sharing some time with for a few days—a rare treat.

Am looking forward to flying home Thursday, but certainly am excited about the upcoming work stuff.

I do have to remember to post a picture of Mike’s dog, Bingo. Very sweet dog; my wife and daughter would be in love!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Light Damage

We had a $20 Jockey Outlet rebate burning a hole in our pockets, so a trip here was imperative. We did some light damage to the pocketbook. Fairly standard outlets, similar to those in Anthen, Arizona. Nothing like Gilroy (Calif.) or Cabazon (Calif.).

Napa Premium Outlets

Workout Facilities

The one here at the Marriott in Napa is really great. Bikes, stairclimbers, elliptical trainers, etc... TVs by the equipment. The crowd is a little snotty, but, heck, we lived a half hour south of here so we're used to it.

Best exercise room of the year was the one at the Westin in Cincinnati; there are actually TV monitors IN the equipment. Lucky me, I am going back to the Queen City in November.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


A long day is coming to an end.

The highlight—The SF Ferry Terminal Farmers Market. Yes, my return after my end of August visit (on my baseball weekend), this time with my favorite farmers market friend. She squealed with delight and even shed a tear as she gazed across a sea of organic vegetables, fruit, breads, olive oils, etc…She exchanged warm hellos with the “endive lady” a fixture from our life in Marin County. And my daughter and I gulped down 10 oysters at the Hog Island Oyster stand. We could have spent hours there, but we plan a special trip to enjoy the best of SF and get a place with a kitchen so we can enjoy the local bounty.

We then drove to Napa for our family weekend event. Today’s event included a pre-wedding picnic. Tomorrow is the wedding. It’s in the late afternoon, so we have the day to ourselves. We spotted a Trader Joes nearby, so we can grab a simple lunch and perhaps take a run to the nearby factory outlets.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I figured I’d share a few memories of which I am more than aware.

This is the University of California, San Francisco, Mount Zion. This is where my wife had her breast cancer surgery in 2000. This is where I sent the longest hours of my life waiting on June 27, 2000. Dr. Laura Esserman, my wife’s surgeon, is clearly one of G-d’s special angels.

The former cancer center, now a woman’s health center. This is where my wife had her chemo treatments. Hard to stand outside here and not shed a tear.

This is the new cancer center, part of the main UCSF building. My wife had a few follow up appointments here with her oncologist, Dr. Hope Rugo, another magical person.

Well, that’s enough awareness for one day.

My day was wild—phone calls, meetings, doctor’s appointments, dinner, time with Mike and Bingo….

The Travel Routine

Alas, the key for me to succeed in business travel is the routine. Some of it is born out of OCD behavior, some is born in the need to create a comfortable setting to give me a shot at feeling my best during hectic times.

Key to the routine is exercise. Without it, my day will suck. I only stay at hotels that have exercise facilities. I cannot run or jog, so it has to be a stationary bike of some sort. Speaking of not being able to run, I smashed my already-handicapped foot in the middle of the night. My toe might be broken, but thanks to te handiwork of a local doctor here, who botched my foot surgery in 2001, I have little or no feeling in my feet. So, I feel little at the site of the injury but it looks nasty. Tomorrow, I can drive by his office and thank him.

Back to the routine: it includes three meals, lots of water, and a good night’s sleep. There’s debate on the sleep issue—my wife says it is some odd notion introduced to me early in life. She’s right; I don’t need more than six or seven good hours per night, but somehow, a voice inside my head tells me otherwise.

Well, today is a non-stop appointment machine. I am off to the road. Hopefully, my routine will go well. I really enjoyed my exercising…

Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's Called a Killer View

I know why call it a killer view, because the view of the freeway will kill-her (as in my wife). Actually, the windows must be tripled-paned, so all I hear is the air conditioner in the room. Let’s see what happens tomorrow night when my wife and daughter arrive.

No major snafus in the travel day. I guess when you get older, the travel process wears on you: getting your bags, schlepping them to the car rental center, getting the car (and they never have the one you ordered) and then leaving the place to find your hotel… and the hotel is in the middle of no where. Well, I have time to relax before a big work day tomorrow (with a visit to my doctor squeezed in the middle). At least I’ll get to see Mike and we can cook up some new far-out media ideas…

Travel Commences Shortly

So, for the next seven nights I will be sleeping in beds other than my own. Ugh. Even the “Heavenly Bed” promised in Starwood Hotels (I am staying in one) pales in comparison to my own. I guess I could bring my own pillow and blanket with me on the road, but I assure you, I am overpacked as it is at the moment.

Well, yet another landing later today at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). That will make something like 1,000 in the past 10 years. At one point, I thought I should have my mail forwarded to SFO. Well, at least SFO has a great Red Carpet Room, location of a Barry Bonds siting. The only other celeb I have seen in a Red Carpet Room was Robert Duvall at the one at JFK. I did not approach him lest I find a horse’s head in my bed (speaking of beds).

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